Don’t worry about it – it’s automatically logged for you

From the Go Fly view, we’ve brought in the core DJI UI library so most of the features and setting should look familiar. You can see the status of aircraft and receive a “ready to fly” when everything is good to go. The key addition that we’ve brought into the traditional view is an AirMap that shows your airspace layers and if you’re enabled displays live traffic (manned and in the future unmanned as well). If you’re flying on a commercial account as part of a team, we’ll also share real-time telemetry so that people back at headquarters can monitor operations as they happen.


Go Fly view


Flight Deck brings the core DJI Go UI into Kittyhawk, but there are still a few things to do in DJI Go, including things like:

  • Upgrade firmware
  • Calibration settings

We’ll be adding a ton of new features to our Flight Deck platform, so let us know what ideas or requests you have for us. For now, it’s seamless to go fly, interact with the airspace, and then once you land we’ll generate a super-detailed, second-by-second log.