Field Test QA Lead

Role Overview

Location: Phoenix, AZ || Austin, TX || Raleigh, NC

Aloft (formerly Kitttyhawk) makes it easy to manage a drone program that’s safe, compliant, and reliable. Our platform is comprised of easy-to-use mobile apps, desktop tools, and an API that keeps teams flying safe and their data organized. Companies use Aloft to manage their fleet, fly missions, and capture data.

We’re looking for a driven, detail-oriented person to lead our field testing and QA process. They’ll work across the company to get to the bottom of customer issues while helping us ensure product stability and quality.


  • Field test iOS, Android, and web issues reported by customers
  • Assist our mobile and web engineering teams with flight and user testing
  • Conduct routine QA testing in the field under real-world conditions
  • Sign-off on updates and fixes before production deployments and mobile releases
  • Maintain our library of hardware and capability documentation


  • Experience as a licensed Part 107 drone operator
  • Experience with DJI line of drones
  • Experience flight testing and documentation


  • Experience with other flight systems (Parrot, Skydio, Autel, etc)
  • Experience with software testing