Data Services

Data Services

Aloft offers a robust API along with data management, business app integration and customer support services. Secure, scaleable and ready today.

Programmatic Applications

Programmatic Applications

Our enterprise grade API supports: mission planning, reporting, fleet maintenance, media management, team compliance and LAANC and airspace authorizations for dynamic real-time businesses.

Faster and More Efficient

Good data gets lost in the gaps between applications required to run a safe and compliant drone program.

Our API means program managers get back precious time they’ve been spending exporting and importing data from one application to another.

When the data moves into and out of Aloft securely and in real-time, the whole operation moves faster and decision making is accelerated.

Better Data Accuracy

By leveraging the Aloft API and when a mission is completed, images and data are uploaded to Aloft and can be automatically and securely sent directly to your company’s business applications.

Speed, security, and reliability are infinitely improved by removing manual steps from the process. And your operators will love you for it.

Want to know when something changed? Or that a Mission has been completed? Aloft’s Webhook API allows your platform to be notified of changes as they happen. Aloft’s mobile applications make it easy for your team to operate and our plethora of APIs make it easy to take that data back into your business and create actionable insights.

Getting started


We offer a REST API and GraphQL options


Our API is complemented with webhooks for customizable actions


Custom endpoints and integration setup is available

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