Seamless Drone Operations in Construction

Learn more about how we serve the Construction and Engineering industry. Watch the video.

Fleet Management

Aloft lets you organize and track drone assets, missions and work orders in real-time. No surprises and no spreadsheets means more uptime on site.

Automated Compliance

Aloft logs every flight, all checklists and Part 107 certifications used by pilots, so you and your team don’t have to. 100% compliance every time.

Safe Flight

With safety at a premium, ours is the highest rated mobile app because it’s the safest way to fly a drone. Give your drone operators the situational awareness they need to fly safe every time.


Worker Safety

Decrease fall incidences by sending fewer employees into high locations where a drone can operate more efficiently.

Better Inspections

Get faster and more accurate capture of “as-built” images and measurements for inspection, modification and maintenance.

Reduced Costs

Save money with less site downtime and workers’ compensation by operating a safer environment.