Innovation Driven Safety

Aloft believes in the power of technology to create a new generation of intelligent airspace systems that increase efficiency, safety, and compliance. The increased complexity of the national airspace requires dynamic solutions to dynamic challenges.

Innovation needs safety, but safety also needs innovation.

Leading on Airspace Compliance

Aloft powers B4UFLY, the authoritative mobile app for checking drone airspace safety, through a partnership with the FAA. We’ve led the way with technology like Remote ID by informing the industry dialogue with educational content and participation in the InterUSS Platform. These are our contributions to building a safer airspace for the entire aviation community.

More Access with More Data

The future of aviation is predicated on the development of highly scalable, secure, and reliable data networks. This is why Aloft is a leading provider of the FAA’s LAANC program to enable the entire uncrewed community to easily and programmatically access valuable controlled airspace.

Advanced Commercial Operations

Our customers are partners so we advocate for the use of tools, policies, and guidance that empower them to operate more confidently and widely in the national airspace. Aloft supports further rulemaking to enable more routine advanced operations such as operations over people, at night, beyond visual line of sight, or operating multiple drones at once.

We work directly with our customers to understand their goals, develop strategic policies and drive compliance.

Let us know how we can help your organization.