Prepare for your mission with Flight Risk Assessment

With realtime drone traffic, weather and flight advisories, review your mission risk profile before you fly. This helps you quantify the amount of risk in a flight and apply common-sense policies to manage it.

Review your flight risk profiles before flying

Aloft’s Pilot Risk Assessment feature uses flight logs and drone telemetry to compile a risk profile on each pilot based on their flight histories. Use this to get a high level view on the overall risk profile of your drone pilots to better manage your drone operations risk and liability.

Better manage your fleet

Seamlessly track your craft flight time, battery health, checklists, and location insights. Easily find the information you need to determine the health of your fleet and optimize your operations.

Coordinate your team mission operations

Get up to the second information on where any drone in your fleet is operating. Not sure who’s operating where? Aloft tells you when things happen and what the status of your operators is.