Drone Operations for Public Safety

Watch the video to see the ultimate drone streaming experience in action.

Focus on safety

Real-time weather, live flights, airspace, and logging create a culture of safe operations.

Focus on compliance

Have all of your activity synced in real-time across the platform, allowing for secure, compliant, and coordinated drone operations.

Fleet Management

Real-time insights into aircraft flight time, maintenance schedules, battery cycles, and overall fleet health.

Team Management

Oversite into pilot currency, experience, credentials, certifications, and current location.

Data Management

Access to view, download, and export all of your account activity, logs, documents, and team history in our handy interface or via our API.

Mission Planning

Coordinate when, where, and how your team flies, ensuring efficient and compliant operations.

DJI Sync

Unburden your pilots and receive real-time flight data without the need for manual logging or interaction.

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Scalable Operations

Aloft is a proven platform to handle any level of activity with teams of any size and unlimited fleet size.