Who can publish to Aloft Geo?
Based on the current policy, only authoritative and/or government-related accounts will be verified and able to self-manage and publish air, ground, and safety-related advisory information.

Where can users see Aloft Geo data?

All advisory information published to Aloft Geo can be seen across all Aloft web and mobile applications, including B4UFLY.

Can commercial users publish to Aloft Geo?

We are in communication with various Aloft enterprise customers, such as utility companies, to explore how they could utilize Aloft Geo for all airspace stakeholders and the safety of the National Airspace System. If you have any questions or ideas, please contact geo@aloft.ai.

Enterprise users will have full access to Aloft Air Control and can publish their custom airspace that can be seen only in their accounts.

Can individual users publish to Aloft Geo?

While Aloft Geo accepts only authoritative data submissions from verified entities, individual users are encouraged to continue submitting and sharing their flight plans on B4UFLY with the Notify & Fly feature.

We still have our crowdsourcing forms open so all users can submit areas for review. You can access this on B4UFLY web and mobile apps.

What types of advisories can verified users publish?

Aloft Geo is designed to support both permanent and temporary advisory information.

For permanent advisories, you do not need to enter an end date and your information. You can enter both start and end dates for temporary advisories, and your advisory will become active and expire accordingly.

Why isn’t my Geo advisory showing on the Aloft maps?

Aloft Geo processes new data 4x per day. In addition, depending on the user’s device or browser, map caching may take additional time to pull in the new advisory information. You should expect about 4-6 hours for your data submissions to be fully visible across all Aloft and B4UFLY applications.

Thus we recommend publishing your advisory data as early as possible and using the effective start and end dates as needed.