Syracuse, NY—Aloft Technologies, Inc. (“Aloft”), the leader in drone operations and airspace management, is thrilled to announce a successful funding round from Terra Drone Corporation (“Terra Drone”), a global leader in drone services and AAM. This strategic investment marks a significant milestone in Aloft’s journey, emphasizing the company’s profitable stance and ambitious vision for expansion and innovation.

The infusion of capital by Terra Drone, renowned for its expansive operations in the Japanese, European, Middle Eastern, and Asian markets, is not just a financial boost but a strategic alliance that positions Aloft for substantial growth and deeper penetration into new enterprise markets. “This partnership is a great opportunity to align ourselves with an innovative firm with access to enterprise customers that have drone operations,” said Joshua Ziering, Founder of Aloft, highlighting the multifaceted benefits of this deal.

Despite its profitability, Aloft has chosen to secure additional capital to fuel its rapid expansion and enhance its research and development efforts to meet the evolving needs of its customers by doing ever more advanced operations incorporating UTM, BVLOS, and automation. This move is aimed at capitalizing on the increasing demand from its expanding enterprise customer base and to further execute its customer-driven product roadmap. The strategic collaboration with Terra Drone is expected to accelerate Aloft’s growth trajectory, enabling the company to leverage Terra Drone’s established network and expertise in the drone services sector.

Yuki Ueno, Terra Drone Executive Officer, and newly appointed Aloft board member, said, “Aloft, led by visionary founders, has significantly advanced the US drone industry, empowering enterprises and governments to expand their drone operations safely and efficiently. As we envision an increasingly integrated role for AAM in daily life, our investment in Aloft aims to propel global UTM evolution.”

Aloft’s commitment to a customer-driven roadmap ensures that the company’s innovations are closely aligned with market needs. This promises a future of continued success and leadership in the drone technology sector.

As Aloft welcomes Yuki Ueno as its newest board member, we would also like to thank Artur Kluz of Kluz Ventures and The Flying Object (“TFO”). TFO was the first investor in Aloft in 2016, and they have been valued and loyal board members over the last eight years.

About Aloft Technologies, Inc.

Aloft Technologies, Inc. is the leading innovator in drone technology, providing advanced drone operations and airspace management for enterprise customers. With a focus on innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction, Aloft is committed to delivering the best in drone technology solutions.

About Terra Drone

Terra Drone is a pioneering drone and Urban Air Mobility (UAM) technology company headquartered in Japan. With the mission to “Unlock X Dimensions” and create a prosperous future by “crossing” bridges, Terra Drone integrates diverse fields to foster innovation and find solutions. The company’s proprietary, patented technologies in drones, sensors, and software are the foundation of its specialized solutions that range from surveying and inspections to pesticide spraying and are revolutionizing key industries including oil and gas, construction and engineering, chemicals, electricity, and agriculture on a global scale.
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