New Free Features Including LAANC on Web, Enhanced Data Security and Customizable Mission Controls

Aloft Technologies today announces the introduction of our new Air Control mobile and web apps for individual drone pilots. Available now and for free at and in the iOS and Google Play app stores, this new integrated product provides individual drone pilots with a more efficient experience for performing primary tasks like applying for LAANC authorizations in near real-time, checking the airspace for nearby safety advisories and planning missions that include fully customizable checklists and risk assessments.

Since we launched our first products over 7 years ago, we know how important design, usability, security and innovation are to all of our users. This unique combination is exactly what you’ll find in our new Air Control platform.

Why the New App?

Over the last year, we’ve been developing on two interconnected but ultimately separate platforms: the original Aloft app (formerly known as the Kittyhawk app) and Air Control, with a new suite of native mobile apps for in-field use and a full-featured web application for the ultimate in drone workflow and airspace management. Over a recent beta testing period for individuals on Air Control, we consulted thousands of users gathering both quantitative and qualitative data. From that we learned that approximately 75% of user time in our original app was spent on LAANC followed by checking airspace and weather.

As new and greater product requirements have faced us for providing features like LAANC, developing on two platforms was not sustainable. We also want to continue to build new features for where the industry is heading, including more network-like features for Remote ID and UTM. We’ve pioneered new innovations like Notify & Fly for B4UFLY and become the preeminent FAA-approved LAANC provider where we power the bulk of recreational and commercial airspace authorizations.

The new Aloft Air Control is now one platform for all our users. Certain additional features like our recent integration with Skydio are only available through the Enterprise version of Air Control, but the core features like LAANC, weather and flight logging remain free. We think it’s the right thing to do to optimize for the highest possible number of safe, compliant and secure UAS flights as possible. We are growing Aloft at the same time as we are looking to grow the broader industry. Today’s recreational Aloft app user using a preflight checklist and getting LAANC is tomorrow’s leader of a drone delivery service.

If you’re a solo pilot, here’s what you need to know:

1. New and existing Aloft users should register for an Air Control account. (Existing users will have the option to migrate your old account):
2. You want to download the companion Air Control app on either iOS or Android.
3. Make sure you update your ‘User Details’ under your Flight Profile with your Part 107 Certification Number/ Issued Date (if you are a commercial operator) and phone number.
4. You have until Monday, October 3rd to make the switch as we’ll then stop supporting the old app on or soon after that date.
5. Contact us with questions, feedback, etc. at We want to hear from you as we move faster than ever to innovate and ship new functionality.
While this is a change in the look and feel of the Aloft mobile experience for many, it enables Aloft to continue to offer core safety features at no cost to solo pilots. It also provides brand new features and functionality on the web like LAANC and mission planning.

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If you’re a growing UAS team or manage a fleet, get in touch using the form below to arrange a demo of Air Control for Enterprise.