Aloft Technologies, Inc. (Aloft), a leader in advanced drone software solutions, is thrilled to announce the integration of Automated Special Government Interest (SGI) Waivers into its Aloft Air Control platform. This new feature is set to revolutionize how drone operators access restricted airspaces, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and compliance with federal regulations.

Automated SGI waivers are available today for all Aloft Air Control enterprise customers.

The Automated SGI Waivers functionality simplifies the complex and time-consuming process of obtaining necessary permissions for drone operations in sensitive or restricted areas. This development reflects Aloft’s ongoing commitment to innovation and its dedication to supporting the operational needs of its clients across various industries, including public safety, emergency response, and infrastructure inspection.

Jon Hegranes, CEO and Founder of Aloft, commented on the new feature, saying, “We understand the critical nature of time-sensitive operations, especially in scenarios that involve public safety and emergency responses. Integrating Automated SGI Waivers into Aloft Air Control not only streamlines the approval process but ensures that our clients can deploy their drones quickly and legally, even in the most restricted airspaces. This capability is about empowering our users to focus more on their mission-critical tasks and less on bureaucratic hurdles.”

The Automated SGI Waivers are designed to interact seamlessly with existing features within the Aloft Air Control ecosystem, providing a comprehensive solution for airspace management that includes pre-flight planning, real-time traffic alerts, and post-operation analysis. This integration ensures a smooth, intuitive user experience and upholds the highest safety and compliance standards.

Key benefits of the Automated SGI Waivers include:

-Reduced Approval Times: Drastically cuts down the waiting period for gaining airspace access, facilitating rapid response and operational readiness.

-Enhanced Compliance: Ensures that all drone flights are compliant with current FAA regulations, minimizing legal risks and enhancing public safety.

-Streamlined Operations: Integrates with the overall flight management system to provide a unified workflow from planning to execution.

This innovative feature is expected to set a new benchmark for operational efficiency in drone technology, reflecting Aloft’s role as a pioneer in the industry. With one click, users can transform an existing mission in Aloft into an auto-generated SGI form ready to email to the FAA’s SOSC Office.

For more information about Automated SGI Waivers and Aloft Air Control, please email or contact your Aloft customer success representative.

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Aloft Technologies, Inc. specializes in developing advanced drone software solutions, empowering businesses and government entities to manage their drone operations with enhanced efficiency, safety, and compliance. Based in Syracuse, NY, Aloft continues to lead the way in airspace and fleet management technology. Aloft’s UTM network and Air Control platform is utilized by hundreds of government and public safety agencies.

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