We are thrilled to announce that Aloft Technologies, Inc., a pioneer in drone fleet and airspace management, is participating in the upcoming Elevate UAV Summit in Miami, Florida. This event is a remarkable gathering of drone enthusiasts, experts, and industry leaders set to explore the latest trends, technologies, and solutions in UAV applications.

Our founder and CEO, Jon, a recognized thought-leader in the drone industry, will be presenting a session titled “Creating New Paths for Airspace Access & Scale”. His presentation will take place on July 26th at 4pm, and promises to delve into innovative solutions for UAV operations, drawing on Aloft’s patented dynamic airspace platform and his extensive experience in the field.

A certified commercial drone pilot and active member of several industry groups including the Drone Safety Team’s steering committee, GUTMA, and the FAA’s Advanced Aviation Advisory Committee, Jon has been instrumental in shaping the discourse around drone technology. His insights into the evolution of airspace access and scale are based on first-hand experience and deep understanding of the sector.

This presentation will provide a unique perspective on the rapidly evolving drone landscape and offer an insightful look at the future of UAV operations. Attendees will gain valuable knowledge about the practicalities of regulatory compliance, the challenges of scaling operations, and the opportunities to optimize airspace utilization.

Aloft is a proud participant of the Elevate UAV Summit, and we are eager to meet with other industry professionals, share insights, and explore collaborations. If you’re attending the event and want to learn more about Aloft’s work or discuss possible partnerships, we invite you to reach out for a meeting. Jon will be available for discussions and can be contacted directly via email at elevate@aloft.ai.

We look forward to engaging with you in Miami and helping to shape the future of drone operations together!

Stay Aloft!