Denver, CO – Aloft Technologies, Inc. (“Aloft”) is proud to announce the launch of Air Boss, a new product designed to provide localized low-altitude aircraft coordination and communication for emergency response. Air Boss will be unveiled at the upcoming AUVSI Exponential conference, the premier uncrewed systems and robotics event.

Air Boss goes beyond theoretical UTM, bringing secure, scalable applications for real-world airspace management. Air Boss offers low-altitude coordination and communication, combined with the ability to publish advisories across the Aloft network, making it the ideal solution for emergency response scenarios. Air Boss uniquely brings together multiple elements required for low-altitude UTM, including:
– Custom data layers and live flight feeds
– The largest audience of recreational, commercial, and government drone operators
– FAA-approved USS capabilities, such as LAANC
– Compliance capabilities for fleet management, UTM, and Remote ID
– Over 5 million square miles of unique safety data via Aloft Geo
– Developer APIs and map tiles to integrate natively with emergency response centers
– Secured and certified systems to ingest radar and surveillance data

As we bring Aloft UTM and Air Boss across the country, Aloft is collaborating with Greg Agvent, CEO of Windsock ADM and formerly Sr Director of CNN Air and member of the FAA’s Advanced Aviation Advisory Committee. Agvent worked first-hand with public safety and emergency response centers to coordinate flights for CNN. We’re excited to bring his expertise and services to our customers and emergency response centers nationwide. “With Air Boss, you have full visibility and interactivity into low altitude operators and operations across your jurisdiction,” states Windsock ADM founder and drone industry veteran Agvent.

“We’ve seen the need for our users and customers to operate in busy and dynamic airspace, especially amid storm, fire, and emergency response,” said Jon Hegranes, CEO & Founder of Aloft. “With Air Boss, we are taking a significant step forward in the drone industry by providing real-world airspace management solutions for emergency response scenarios.”

Storms have been a major contributor to our product development over the years, from encrypted live streaming for Shell to SGI airspace waivers for utility customers.

Last year in the midst of Hurricane Ian, we saw Aloft Geo provide critical local airspace advisories and situational awareness, with contributors to our exclusive data sets ranging from local public safety, FEMA, and the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”), which published safety data across four states to help facilitate safe drone operations in active low-altitude areas of operation. These learnings and product development over the last five years have contributed to developing Air Boss to power recreational, commercial, and government pilots to fly in any conditions or events.

Air Boss provides a range of features, including real-time situational awareness, secure communication channels, and scalable airspace management tools. It also allows for coordinated drone flights, enabling multiple drones to operate safely and efficiently in shared airspace. The combination of Aloft’s UTM capabilities creates the opportunity for more flight and utilization of the airspace, even when conditions fluctuate and coordination is required. With the Aloft API, airspace tiles and alerts can even be brought into native Emergency Operations Centers and is compatible with tools like ESRI and a plethora of Critical Event Management and Emergency Operations Management software suites.

“We’ve worked with our enterprise and public safety customers in designing Air Boss to help emergency response teams operate more effectively in low-altitude airspace across crewed and uncrewed aircraft,” said Hegranes. “We believe Air Boss will be an invaluable tool for first responders, law enforcement, and emergency management professionals. By combining Aloft’s patented dynamic airspace and remote identification technologies with the largest connected network of drone pilots and airspace stakeholders, Air Boss is uniquely positioned to power low-altitude airspace and open the airspace for all.”


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