Aloft’s very first feature that we launched nearly eight years ago was the simple but crucial flight log.

Since then, we’ve added sophisticated and enterprise logging features to our fleet management platform, with alerting, automated compliance reporting, unlimited image storage, and UTM elements like Remote ID compliance and logging a snapshot of the airspace (including any LAANC approvals) with your flight log.

Today we’re adding a new and highly requested flight playback feature where you can relive the flight in real-time.

Available on DJI and coming soon to our other drone integrations.

Whether you’re assessing flight performance or investigating a crash or airspace compliance issue, Aloft’s new flight playback provides second-by-second details of the aircraft, telemetry, and dozens of fields for deep analysis. You can view the flight online, as well as export this data if need be for further use.

This feature is live today on the Air Control website — Subscribers to Aloft Air Control have access to flight log integrations with DJI, Autel, DroneLink, and Skydio — with many more in the works. We’ll soon add this playback feature to these other makes and models.