When we launched live, encrypted live audio and video streaming in November 2017, we developed the feature in collaboration with Shell Oil, which first used our secure live streaming for hurricane response and event overwatch. Since then, enterprises and public safety have streamed over 50 thousand hours of drone footage, ranging from innovative use cases like live training and traffic congestion analysis to mission-critical emergency response and live shooter scenarios.

From these six years of experience in our industry-leading streaming capabilities, we’ve rebuilt and reimagined what secure live streaming should look like in 2023 and beyond. We’re excited to bring all new features to the secure Aloft Air Control platform, including:

Live-map interface
View live active streams with details about where the pilot is broadcasting from.

Watch and interact with up to four concurrent streams across your team and fleet.

Audio + video
Up to 50 viewers can participate in each stream with live, secure audio and video.

Sharable public links
Dynamic links to share live streams outside of your immediate Air Control team for increased situational awareness and collaboration.

Unlimited streaming
Your Aloft enterprise account comes with *unlimited* live streaming.

For existing customers, these new features are live today.

For new customers, please contact sales@aloft.ai for a demo of these new features for immediate access.