Air Control is Kittyhawk Enterprise with Workflows, Security, and Integrations

Today Kittyhawk is releasing Air Control, our new product suite 100% dedicated to powering enterprise UAS operations at scale. It’s Kittyhawk Enterprise with the workflows, security, and integrations that give enterprises more control of their drone data.

You won’t find this in an app store. But it’s available and operations-ready today.


We believe that repeatability and accountability are critical to enterprise success. We believe compliance and security are central to mission-critical workflows. We believe that enabling flight for the next generation of aviation operations creates a fundamental shift in business economics. Last but not least, we believe that listening to our customers is the cornerstone of how we can best innovate and solve real problems — both today and tomorrow.

Where we started on a mission to enable flight, we created the largest UAS software platform. We developed leading aviation and airspace technologies used across the full spectrum of UAS stakeholders — from elite enterprise flight ops to the FAA. While our flagship applications that you can download for free on the app stores have grown to be the most widely used platform for everything from flight tracking to LAANC, we knew there was a new threshold that our enterprise customers need, and we set out to rebuild a new platform from the ground up with a singular focus on enterprise aviation use cases and the future of autonomy, compliance, and security.

Air Control is what happens when you combine best in class compliance and fleet management with the leading suite of enterprise-driven UTM capabilities. 

Air Control builds on our hardware-agnostic approach to flight as you can now fly DJI and Parrot natively and securely in our custom flight experience, with more manufacturers and integrations in the works.

Air Control adds new capabilities around autonomy with programmatic data capture and secure storage with new integrations for processing and analysis — from roof measurements to oil tank inspections.

Air Control represents a shift in control and visibility to managers at mission control, with new role and permission management, workflow assignment, customized risk assessments, and enterprise LAANC capabilities for team applications and assignments.

If you’re starting or currently managing a drone program, you’ve probably asked these questions… We know, because we’ve heard these over and over again across industries from insurance to energy, and from rail to utilities.

How do I know if the RPIC completed her preflight checklist before flight?

How do I know if the RPIC got her LAANC authorization before entering controlled airspace?

How do I know if the operation meets our unique risk thresholds?

How do I know if the assigned RPIC is current prior to the mission?

How do I know if the RPIC enabled live streaming?

How do I know if the RPIC is flying in a secure, approved application?

How do I know if the RPIC is flying the latest version of the automated flight plan?

How do I know if the flight plan is compliant per FAA and custom airspace rules?

How do I know what pilots are in the air right now?

How do I know if my UAS program is set up for long-term success — as measured by compliance, security, scale, and ROI?

The team at Kittyhawk has been focused on building Air Control so that you can answer each of these questions with a few simple clicks.

But we also know that a full slate of yes’s today is not the end game. You want a platform that’s built to evolve. We know that your use cases are only getting more complex. We know that your scale is only increasing. We know that your focus on security and privacy will continue to ratchet up.

What we’re most excited about the launch of our Air Control platform is that this is just the beginning of the next generation of flight. We’re building unique connections between airspace, flight, and data. We’re connecting our customers with an outlet to optionally and conditionally share situational awareness with the largest UAS audience for maximum safety. We know who we’re building for, and our objective is to enable flight without sacrifice. Whether that’s a routine inspection or a BVLOS delivery, our enterprise-driven UTM and patented Dynamic Airspace platform are the foundation that will enable your next generation of drone flight.

Read more about Pointivo’s Spatial IQ platform integration into the Kittyhawk Air Control platform to makes inspections more efficient and produces better outcomes here.

We’re honored and humbled to work with the companies that we do. We’re grateful for the opportunity to drive our industry forward. If you’re interested in joining the Air Control revolution, contact us at