Today we’re announcing the launch of the Aloft Geo Portal: a tool to publish airspace and ground rule advisories to the Aloft data network including B4UFLY. It’s a major step forward in filling a gap in the integration of drones: the lack of authoritative sources for local drone ground rules.

Most often local communities either rely on simple posted signs or hard to find website information to try to reach drone pilots. In particular the US’s 6,600 state parks suffer from this problem. As do major sports stadiums, local airports, utilities and hospitals. And it’s a global challenge.

Verified users of the Aloft Geo Portal will be able to upload and manage airspace and ground space advisories that once authenticated, will publish to our UTM platform. We’re starting in the US and will expand the program globally.

The portal is live now and accepting submissions at It’s free to upload, manage and update advisories.

You can read more about it in our press release.

If you need support or have questions, email us at