Co-Developed with CNN Air to Address Stringent Compliance and Operational Requirements for Drone Operators

Drone World Expo, San Jose California— Kittyhawk, the platform that unifies the mission, aircraft, and data to empower safe and effective drone operations, today announced a core new Risk Assessment system and workflow developed in collaboration with CNN Air to further enhance the company’s commitment to safe and compliant drone operations for commercial teams and enthusiasts alike.
Having a record of the risk assessment for the mission, state of the pilot, state of the aircraft, airspace surroundings, and flight conditions are invaluable data points to accompany pilot checklists and flight logs, especially to analyze any unforeseen events post mission.
Companies need a clean, standardized method to approve flights and plan their missions,” says Jon Hegranes, CEO & Co-Founder of Kittyhawk. “Kittyhawk Risk Assessments leverage data that Kittyhawk already knows about the pilot, conditions, and location, giving operators a new level of quantifiable awareness to their upcoming flights.
Similar to old-school log books or spreadsheets, previous risk assessment procedures have been informal, with unstructured qualitative data. Kittyhawk Risk Assessments formalizes this procedure by assigning risk scores and recording the conditions and circumstances surrounding a mission and flight.

Risk Assessment


A highly requested feature from both individual pilots and commercial teams, Kittyhawk Risk Assessments are based on a scoring system utilizing predictive analytics of prior pilot missions and upcoming flight condition data. Kittyhawk Risk Assessments comprise two elements: 1) Initial Risk Assessment, designed to be initiated in the planning phase of a mission to help Chief Pilots gauge the risk of the mission and assess if different pilots or aircraft may be needed given the circumstances, and 2) Preflight Risk Assessment, designed to be taken immediately before takeoff and takes into account more real-time data around airspace and weather, as well as pilot health and well being.
Available now for all premium customers, Kittyhawk Risk Assessments reinforce the company’s commitment to enabling safe and compliant operations for its operators, from the individual pilot to the largest commercial fleets in operation today.
Kittyhawk will be exhibiting at Drone World Expo booth #411 and Co-Founder Joshua Ziering will be hosting a panel discussion titled “Profit and Safety — Fast Friends or Bitter Enemies” on Wednesday October 4 at 2:45pm in the Room 1 (210E).

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Kittyhawk unifies the mission, aircraft and data to empower safe and effective drone operations. Based in San Francisco, the company develops real-time flight operations and management solutions for professional pilots and fleet managers across a multitude of missions. Leading companies and organizations in media, insurance, oil and gas, education, law enforcement, fire and emergency management all rely on Kittyhawk for their end-to-end drone operations.

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