Looking Ahead to the Second Century of Flight

On December 17, 2014 — the 111th anniversary of the Wright Brothers’ first flight — we registered the “Kittyhawk.io” domain and began our mission to enable an entirely new scale of flight in the National Airspace System. At our founding, we felt it appropriate to pay homage to where powered flight literally first took place in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. While December 17th will rightfully remain an official company holiday, our evolution from Kittyhawk to Aloft represents how our company and platform have transformed and more importantly where we will continue to lead in the coming decades of low-altitude, autonomous flight and the future of airspace services.

From Flight Logging to UTM Market Leadership

Safety, security and compliance have been foundational to the technologies we’ve developed over the last six years, resulting in what is now the most widely used drone operation and airspace management network. Today Aloft’s patented airspace system powers over 50% of all airspace authorizations via LAANC in the US, and we’re building on these early UTM capabilities with a single focus of enabling the next generation of flight. Advanced flight and BVLOS operations to drone delivery and air taxis will require a new level of airspace infrastructure and the Aloft team, investors, and partners could not be more excited to continue executing on our mission with you.

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