B4UFLY Web enables convenient pre-flight planning, airspace advisory social sharing, and more.

As we clock in at processing over 14K LAANC authorizations in January 2021 — 50% of all LAANC authorizations in the US last month, we’re excited to release the next generation of airspace awareness tools, B4UFLY for the web. B4UFLY web brings the same great mobile experience of the B4UFLY app to the world wide web. It is enhanced with desktop-focused functionality like social sharing, pre-flight planning, local data submissions, advisory flagging, and more. Try it out today at b4ufly.aloft.ai and learn more about the functionalities below.

Local Data Submissions and Advisory Flagging

Easily submit missing data for a location or flag an existing airspace advisory for review on the web just like you can on B4UFLY mobile. To submit new data for a location that you believe is missing an airspace advisory, first make sure the pin on the map is at the desired location you wish to submit. Then click the ‘Submit Data for This Location’ button at the top (highlighted in yellow in the graphic). You will automatically be led to the data submission form and the coordinates for this location will auto-populate. Fill out the rest of the required information and submit the form.

To flag an existing advisory for review for inaccuracies, click the blue question mark in the advisory. A window will pop-up, then click the ‘Flag for Review’ button in red (highlighted in yellow in the graphic). You will automatically be led to the flag advisory form and the coordinates for this location along with other advisory information will auto-populate. Fill out the rest of the required information and submit the form.

Pre-Flight Planning

B4UFLY web is a great tool for pre-flight planning and gaining airspace awareness before you begin your drone operations. Just as you can on the B4UFLY app, view the UAS facility map for controlled airspace and the permissible altitude for authorization. As you can see for the area of Brisbane, California in the graphic below, the permissible altitude for authorization is 200 feet. To apply for LAANC for this location, click the blue ‘Get LAANC’ button. A pop-up window will appear providing a link to download the Aloft formerly known as Kittyhawk app or other USS provider options.

Airspace Advisory Social Sharing

An exciting new feature of B4UFLY on the web is the ability to share airspace advisories on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and email. This new feature makes it easy for you to share an airspace advisory of interest directly with another pilot in your organization, a friend or family member, or anyone in your network. To share an airspace advisory, click on the blue share icon on the desired advisory (highlighted in yellow in the graphic). Then click on the social platform icon you would like to share the advisory to. A pop-up window will appear with the advisory link and information, you can also type in any additional text you would like to include in the post.

This is just the beginning for B4UFLY web. We will continue to develop new features to aid the UAS community in improving airspace awareness and making drone operations safer and FAA-compliant. We encourage you to check out B4UFLY on the web today at b4ufly.aloft.ai. Happy flying!