At Aloft, we have been at the forefront of drone airspace management since our inception in 2015. It’s our mission to empower drone pilots and operators with the tools and information they need to safely and efficiently manage their operations. Today, we’re excited to announce the addition of drone Remote ID compliance features to our industry-leading airspace and fleet management platform Air Control.

Why Remote ID Compliance Matters

Remote ID is paving the way for safer and more complex drone operations. It offers a means of identifying drones in flight and the location of their control stations, providing crucial information to other airspace users and law enforcement agencies.

With the rapid growth and integration of drones into the national airspace, there is an increasing need for a more comprehensive management system. Broadcast Remote ID is a first step, albeit one that predominantly solves law enforcement potential instead of true airspace integration. Yet, we’ve heard loud and clear from our enterprise and public safety customers that tracking and reporting on Remote ID compliance is critical to an efficient drone program.

Today, we’re launching compliance features that enable our customers to manage their standard Remote ID and modules they’re integrating into their fleets. Aloft’s tagging, logging, alerting, and customizable reporting features have integrated these new Remote ID data fields.

Aloft’s Dedication to Remote ID Technologies

Aloft’s patented dynamic airspace technology understands that every drone flight is unique. Just as each mission has specific requirements, our platform ensures that pilots see a tailored airspace map with elements relevant to their specific mission. Whether it’s airspace approvals, custom inputs, or any other pertinent details, our dynamic airspace ensures pilots are equipped with the right information at the right time.

Building upon this foundation, we are proud to integrate our patented Remote ID technology, which uses a blend of identification sources. From visual and audible cues to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, our system provides a multifaceted approach to aircraft identification. You’ll see these features in future Aloft updates across our platform of Air Control, B4UFLY, and beyond.

Aloft’s Legacy and Commitment to the Industry

Aloft has consistently proven its dedication to advancing drone technology and its management, leading over 80% of drone airspace authorizations and powering hundreds of thousands of monthly drone operations. Our patent portfolio, which includes five patents centered around dynamic airspace and remote identification, is a testament to our commitment to innovation.

As a certified commercial drone pilot and active participant in numerous industry groups such as GUTMA and the FAA’s Drone Safety Team, we’ve seen firsthand the needs and challenges of our community. We’ve collaborated, debated, and worked tirelessly to shape the future of uncrewed aerial systems (UAS). This new feature set is another step in that journey.

Looking Ahead

As the drone industry evolves, so will we. Our new Remote ID compliance feature is just the beginning. We remain dedicated to offering our customers – from recreational pilots and enterprise programs to government agencies – the most cutting-edge solutions to their fleet and airspace management needs. We know that real-time collaboration and deconfliction are next, and we’re excited to bring those and other features to our growing suite of UTM and U-Space products.

Thank you for being part of this exciting journey with us. Safe flying!