Bringing New Capabilities & Opening More Airspace

Two years ago, when Kittyhawk embarked on building out our UTM with LAANC capabilities, we did so for a simple reason — our users demanded it. Airspace management is central to UAS workflows, and the alternatives that our users and customers were looking for didn’t cut it. They needed a centralized workflow for their operators, with a single source of truth for planning and compliance.

Fast forward to today, and Kittyhawk now operates the largest UAS software platform for recreational and enterprise users, processing nearly half of all LAANC airspace authorizations. At the core of our product strategy process is listening to our users for feedback. We’re excited to announce the latest version of LAANC across the Kittyhawk platform includes a bunch of what you’ve been asking for in your airspace management needs.

Available on your favorite app store (iOS or Android) today and our enterprise-only Air Control platform (with web and mobile access), we’re excited to bring you the next generation of airspace approvals. We’ve added new data to UASFM advisories to make the authorization process more intuitive. We’ve designed new map styles for a more constructive planning process. We’ve removed steps to make the authorization process faster. We’ve opened up access to “further coordination” (approvals above pre-approved ceilings) to all Part 107 users.

New LAANC Capabilities

Perhaps most importantly, we’ve included new LAANC features that will make for a more robust and compliant airspace management process that will result in more airspace access for all of us, including:

    • Single LAANC authorization areas can span up to 10 miles.
    • Each user can have up to three overlapping authorizations.
    • Airport grids and advisory information specify if further coordination is available.
    • Users can edit existing LAANC authorizations.
    • Users can “close” in-process LAANC authorizations (and go apply for others).

Kittyhawk’s new version of LAANC also supports airports with part-time tower operations. When a tower closes, formerly controlled airspace becomes Class G with no LAANC required. With this update, there are now 133 new airports across the country that support LAANC effective September 24, 2020. If you’re curious if your local airport is on the list, you can search our online resource for LAANC participating facilities here.

More LAANC Data Privacy Control

As Kittyhawk recently became SOC 2 Type II certified, we’ve been ahead of the curve for what our users and customers need from a data security perspective. Security and privacy were also a focus in our LAANC updates. The FAA has done a fantastic job advancing the data requirements and what control users have over their LAANC data and requiring that all LAANC data be stored and processed in the US. Encrypted domestic storage has been standard practice at Kittyhawk from Day 1, but we’ve taken this opportunity to update our Privacy Policy and clarify further what controls you have over your LAANC data. Have you read your LAANC provider’s privacy policy? Did you understand it? Knowing and trusting what your airspace provider is doing with your data is arguably more important than design or feature sets. Our commitment at Kittyhawk is to continue being the leader in drone data privacy and security.

More Team Management & Collaboration

Together these are powerful features and security measures that all of our users can enjoy with our latest version of LAANC. Still, the power of these capabilities amplifies in a team setting within our enterprise Air Control platform. Our patented Dynamic Airspace technology displays all of your authorizations in real-time on your airspace map. Managers of drone programs have new capabilities to search, sort, download, and manage their team’s authorizations like never before. To put it another way, the days of wondering if one of your pilot’s got LAANC when they should have are over.

LAANC is no longer just about having authorization, but being able to ensure that your team never flies without LAANC, and more importantly, that all of your flights are within the four-dimensional bounds of those authorizations as verified by real-time telemetry. So as much as we’re excited to bring all of these new capabilities and open up so much airspace for our users, Kittyhawk’s latest version of LAANC is grounded in safety, security, and compliance.