We’re excited to share with you some significant updates to Air Aware, our revolutionary airspace awareness tool for the beginner and recreational drone pilot, designed to enhance your flying experience while increasing airspace safety and compliance.

A New Level of Airspace Intelligence

Central to this update is the integration of all FAA-required B4UFLY data layers. This includes detailed information on Military Training Routes and Recreational Fixed Sites, providing you with comprehensive knowledge to navigate the skies safely and confidently. Just like the LAANC data layers, this new information comes from official FAA sources and is always up to date.

Introducing the FRIA Data Set

We’re also proud to be the first to add FAA Recognized Identification Areas (FRIA) to our maps. This crucial update introduces nearly 2,000 FRIAs across the United States, offering new opportunities for pilots in areas where Remote ID is not required. It’s a significant step forward in providing you with more freedom and flexibility in your flight planning. As the FAA approves more FRIAs, you’ll see them updated on Air Aware and across the Aloft network.

Driven by Your Feedback

These enhancements stem from the valuable insights and suggestions we’ve received from you, our dedicated pilot community. Your feedback is the cornerstone of our continuous improvement and innovation. When we first launched Air Aware last month, together with Pilot Institute, we have been listening and cataloging your feedback. From app speed and performance to new features, look to Air Aware to continue to evolve to meet your growing needs. The feedback link is still live, and we’d love to hear from you on what to build next.


A Look Back at B4UFLY

Over the last five years of powering B4UFLY for the FAA, we were honored to serve millions of new drone pilots. In all, we served over 33 million airspace searches and heard countless stories about helping pilots know where to fly. While we’ve moved on to this new platform that will enable us to offer more complete and robust solutions, we’re bringing all of that knowledge, experience, scale, and security to Air Aware. As many have noted to us, we haven’t just built the replacement for B4UFLY, but the next generation of situational awareness.

Our Ongoing Commitment

At Aloft, we’re committed to staying at the forefront of airspace management technology. By adding these vital data layers to Air Aware, we ensure that you have access to the most up-to-date and relevant information for your flights.

We appreciate your trust in us and your active participation in making Air Aware a leading tool in drone flight safety and compliance.

Thank you for flying with Aloft, and here’s to many more safe and informed flights!

Learn more and download at https://www.aloft.ai/air-aware/