Airspace Updates from the #1 LAANC USS Provider

Watch this video to learn more about how LAANC works and how to apply for LAANC authorizations on the Aloft app.

The next generation of LAANC is live across Aloft’s patented Dynamic Airspace platform. Simply update your apps today to benefit from increased and unprecedented access to the airspace like never before. Aloft now powers over half of all LAANC requests, and today’s release is even more reason to leverage the power of Aloft for your operations.

Key updates to this new version of LAANC that enable more airspace compliance, include:

  • LAANC At Night — Commercial operators can apply for access to controlled airspace at night via LAANC.
  • Increased Overlap — Recreational and commercial operators can have up to five overlapping airspace authorizations (within 100 miles) to help ensure coverage and compliance.
  • Increased Convenience — Commercial operators can apply for further coordination (requests above pre-approved ceilings) within 24 hours of the start time.
  • Improved Design — To coincide with new FAA datasets, we’ve redesigned our map layers and styles for increased understanding and readability with new ceiling labels.
  • We’ll have more updates and tutorials available on our website and YouTube channel, but as we know how vital LAANC is to our entire user base — representing the largest network of hobbyist, commercial, and government airspace users — we wanted to share this news as soon as possible.

    Thanks for flying Aloft!