Single System of Record for Drone Operations

Aloft takes the disconnected processes and tools required to run a drone program and makes them a single system that everyone in the company can use.

Everything in One Place

Aloft automatically logs and syncs all your mission critical data.
When you’ve got dozens of drones out in the field and up in the air, the last thing you need are competing software tools to run the operation back at the office.

Aloft Air Control

Security and Compliance for Enterprise UAS Operations

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Why Companies Choose Aloft


Compliance made easy

Meet all FAA and compliance standards by maintaining all drone data securely and conveniently within Aloft.

Up and running fast

Up and running fast

Intuitive tools so your team can get started in under a week. Little to no training required.

customer service

1:1 customer service

Get answers and help from Aloft experts. Our team is here for your team.


Backed by Boeing the world’s leading aviation company and trusted by the largest community of pilots and fleet managers. Read more about Boeing and Aloft.

Estimate the ROI of Your Drone Program

How do you make the internal case for investing in a drone program? An estimate of savings and benefits would be helpful. Let Aloft help you make the case.