Senior Laravel PHP Developer

Role Overview

Aloft is searching for a Senior PHP Developer to lead our backend team. Our platform uses the latest Laravel, and we continue to modernize our stack with each release. Our ideal candidate subscribes to the YAGNI philosophy of development.

The entire Aloft platform runs on REST API’s that power everything from our native mobile apps, to our React web interface.

As the leading drone airspace software, Aloft manages lots of data, and operates at scale. The ideal candidate will be able to think critically about how solutions scale, and how existing solutions might be improved to better handle scale.

We also utilize a lot of GIS. Our stack uses Postgresql’s Postgis and being able to understand how this system scales and interact with it programmatically is very important.

Must Haves:

  • Git
  • Laravel
  • Postgresql
  • PostGIS
  • Linux
  • REST API Design


All employees are eligible for health, dental, and vision benefits, as well as stock options. Our team members get all the equipment (Macbooks, drones, etc) they need for the on job, and with our unlimited vacation policy, all the flexibility to take time off and recharge.