Kittyhawk Named A Top Drone App

Most Widely Used Drone App, Second to Only DJI

A big thank you goes out to all of our users for showing up for us and letting everyone know what drone operations platform you like the best. Colin “The Drone Analyst” Snow, just put out a report saying that Kittyhawk ranks #2 for drone operations and management just behind DJI. You can checkout his research here.
To all our amazing pilots: we know that our product isn’t mandatory and included out-of-the-box. We sincerely thank each and every one of you for going out of your way to use our product. Your constant suggestions and feedback make working on the Kittyhawk team an absolute joy.

Kittyhawk Pilots FLY! A Lot.

The Kittyhawk community continues to impress. We can’t believe how fast you all powered past 100,000 flights. We logged 100,000 flights in less time than it took to log our first 10,000 flights. And the best part is that almost all of them were created with full telemetry using either DJI Imports or Kittyhawk Flight Deck.
Speaking of telemetry…
You’ve probably seen the beautiful telemetry available to you right from the app. Keep a close eye on the web dashboard in the coming weeks. We’ve been working on bringing all that beautiful rich telemetry into your flight logs and it’s almost done.

Congratulations To Our 100,000th Flight Spark Winner!

Michael Brown of the UK is our winner for the 100,000th flight! Michael’s been using Kittyhawk Flight Deck to keep his pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight data organized. This picture, taken with Kittyhawk Flight Deck on his brand new DJI Spark is of the North East coast of Morecambe Bay.

Michael Brown
Prop guards an all. Definitely a Kittyhawk pilot.

If you’re interested in seeing more of Michael’s drone work, you can visit his website at:


Hold on tight! Kittyhawk Is Growing … Fast

In the last 90 days we’ve tripled the size of the team, doubled the number of users and continue blazing down the trail to be the “one drone app to rule them all.”
If you think you’d be a good addition to our team we’re looking for exceptional team mates with specialties in design, development, and sales. We’ve got a diverse team with exceptional skill sets. Above all, we value execution. Tell us what you want to do here. We’ll listen.

Meet The Team!

We’re taking Kittyhawk on the road! Are you attending these drone events this year? Reach out to us and let’s meet up! Hit us on Twitter, Facebook or even Text!
Oct 3–4 : San Jose, CA — Drone World Expo (Booth #411 and hosting panel)
Oct 17–19: New Orleans, LA — ALEA Public Safety Drone Expo — ( Teaching Class: Total sUAS Flight Awareness)
Oct 20–21: Georgia Drone Summit (Sponsoring and panel on future of drone software)
November 7–9th: Denver, CO — DJI Airworks ( Speaking on setting up a corporate safety culture)
Stay tuned for our 2018 schedule but expect to see us at CES and Xponential 2018!


Make sure to follow our Twitter and Facebook or LinkedIn for updates on ad hoc events we might throw at these conferences!

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