"When discussing UTM, we [at Aloft] think about openness, championing the idea of collaboration over competition which is the only way UTM will take flight and work is if all providers are working together. Collaboration over competition really is going to set the stage for an ecosystem where you are going to have the ability to get these services from a number of different providers and choose the provider that is right for you. Depending on your need maybe you need a provider which has really great security or a provider that is really low cost, the choice will be yours. The evolution of the internet has shown us, you have to have interoperability. So collaboration over competition is really going to set the UTM ecosystem free."- Aloft CTO, Joshua Ziering states on recent episode of the Drone Source- An Elsight Production Podcast.

Check out Drone Source – An Elsight production podcast Episode 30: Secure Drone Airspace Management with Aloft CTO, Joshua Ziering.
In this episode we talk with Aloft’s Josh Ziering, discussing drone data security, UTM & AAM, and how Aloft has supported drone operations in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.

Listen to the Drone Source – An Elsight production Podcast: Episode 30- Secure Drone Airspace Management with Aloft CTO, Joshua Ziering here.