Alerts are a convenient way to stay on top of day-to-day operations, as well as the overall health of the operation. Alerts are currently available to send notifications when:

– a pilot’s certification is nearing expiration or expired.

– an aircraft’s registration is nearing expiration or expired.

– a pilot hasn’t flown enough recently to fulfill currency requirements.

– a risk assessment has crossed a threshold.

– an incident has been logged.

– a mission’s status has changed

Alerts can be configured to notify individual pilots or admins, all users in a particular role, and even external contacts (e.g. outside risk managers).

If your team uses a mission approval process, such that a pilot needs approval from an Admin or Chief Pilot before flying, Mission Status Change alerts are the perfect tool to keep operations running efficiently. Alerts can be used to prompt Admins to approve requested missions, and mission participants can be alerted when the approval is received.

We encourage you to take advantage of any of the alerts below, Pilot Certification and Aircraft Registration should be in everyone’s toolkit!

Fly Safe,

The Team