From the beginning of Kittyhawk, we have been dedicated to our user base and listening to what you want us to build next. Nothing highlights this better than back in the day when we added a “Call the Founders” button to our mobile apps that would literally ring me and my co-founder’s personal cell phones day or night (or daytime in Australia).


Full disclosure, we still love getting phone calls, messages, and — of course — 5-Star App Reviews


Today we have a more scalable system and team in place for support and user feedback, but the goal remains the same — having a direct line of communication to you — people on the front lines building drone teams and executing drone missions. With our funding announcement, both the scale and speed of what we create is going to rapidly accelerate, and our vision has never been more ambitious.
Kittyhawk is at the center of your workflow, and we take that responsibility seriously. The largest drone teams in the world run on Kittyhawk. Tens of thousands of individual operators rely on Kittyhawk for safe, compliant, and effective operations every day. The trust and confidence that all of you place on Kittyhawk is not lost on us, and we are working harder than ever to build new tools geared towards the future of drones, on an autonomous and global scale.
‘Drone operations’ used to mean flight logging, the place where Kittyhawk began. Today we’re focused on much larger pieces of operations, including things like developing LAANC and UTM solutions, building out our automated flight tools for more rigorous and granular data analysis, and ultimately gearing these tools to different countries and localizations around the world.

  • If you are a manager of a growing team and fleet, expect more tools for planning and reporting for any facet of your operation.
  • If you are an operator (anywhere in the world), expect more autonomous and streaming features with better insight into your data.
  • If you are a stakeholder in a local or state municipality, or national airspace, we will be working directly with more of you as we help to develop robust interoperable standards that will unlock the potential of this industry.
  • Lastly, if you love software/drones and want to be part of the team creating an industry-defining platform, we’re hiring.

Thanks to the thousands of customers and tens of thousands of users worldwide, Kittyhawk’s small but focused team has been able to build the industry-leading platform by orders of magnitude against the competition. You all have been a bedrock of support and inspiration. You are believers in our ultimate mission, just as are our new investors, board members, and strategic aerospace partners.
With a bunch of new capital, a rapidly growing team, and our same passionate product-focused philosophy, I’m excited for the future of Kittyhawk, the future of our industry, and mostly for what all of you will be able to accomplish through our evolving platform.