DJI iOS Mobile SDK causing Auto-landing on M600, M100, Inspire 1, Phantom 3 Series, & A3/N3 flight controllers.

On December 25th, Kittyhawk was notified by DJI that a previous release of their iOS Mobile SDK (v4.7) has been known to cause the above aircraft models to occasionally determine they are within a no-fly zone, initiating landing during flight. This affects all users flying within Kittyhawk Flight Deck and may cause unexpected auto-landing while in flight on the M600, M100, Inspire 1, Phantom 3 series, and A3/N3 based aircraft.

DJI has released a new version of the iOS Mobile SDK that resolves this bug, we are in the process of implementing this update and will be providing the Apple App Store with a new version for review/publication on the market promptly. This fix will be included in the early-January iOS release on the App Store.

If you have questions or are unsure if this bug will affect you, please contact your Customer Success representative.

Thank you,

Kittyhawk Customer Success Team