Plan on the web.Execute on mobile.

Centralized mission planning via the web, automatically synced to assigned pilots in our Air Control mobile app for iOS and Android (including Crystal Sky and Smart Controllers).

It’s a seamless, secure and simple workflow to take the guesswork out of flying safely.

Customizable planning options

Post process to any 3rd party application

Real-time live streaming

Plan any flight you can imagine.

Post-process to any third party application.

Aloft is the single source of record for all flight plans, authorizations, pilot info, assets, and aircraft.

Together with Aloft’s patented Dynamic Airspace management, you can collaborate and plan missions with full situational awareness to ensure compliance at every waypoint.

With automated upload and secure cloud synchronization, you can define data rules and seamlessly transmit flight media for processing or storage.


Convenient checklist management and compliance

Manage your entire team's checklist from one central location and verify they're completing them prior to each flight. See logs of where each list was completed and by whom.

Review your flight and pilot risk profile before you fly

With our Pilot Risk Profile and Flight Risk Assessment, easily assess your mission risk level and your pilot’s risk profile. Mitigate risk quickly and easily across your drone operations.

Secure real-time airspace authorizations with LAANC

Get real-time authorizations to fly in controlled airspace, all within the app. ALoft logs, tracks, and stores all authorizations so there’s a single record for compliance and internal reporting.

Get the best situational awareness with Dynamic Airspace™

Understand, anticipate and react to upcoming weather and airspace changes before you fly. Reduce risk with superior situational awareness and easy to understand map views adjustable to your operational needs.

Mission planning for your team

Design, review and approve missions with Aloft’s web dashboard. Coordinate your team’s flights to complete missions quickly and easily.

Attach flights to operator credentials

Ensure compliance by linking and storing your Part 107 credentials within the Aloft platform. Link all flight logs to your credentials quickly and easily.