What type of mobile data connection is required for Aloft to function in the field?

We recommend using Aloft (formerly Kittyhawk) in conjunction with a cellular data connection (like 4G).

A strong connection is required for certain functionality, like streaming. Please be aware of any data limitations associated with the connection.

A minimal connection is required to load map and weather data, submit LAANC requests, and allow syncing to Aloft cloud.

Aloft may be utilized offline. Any flight, checklist, or risk assessment logs will be stored locally and synced as soon as an internet connection is available.

Aloft also functions in conjunction with a dedicated hot spot for internet connectivity.

How many users can view a stream?

Up to 50 users can view any one stream at a time.

What if my stream isn’t working?

Make sure to enable streaming from the preflight configuration screen prior to takeoff. A solid, stable internet connection is needed for optimal streaming.

How do I talk with those viewing my stream?

You start and join streams automatically muted. Simply tap the microphone icon to unmute and speak to others viewing your stream.

Are streams secure?

Yes! Live streaming in Aloft ( formerly Kittyhawk) is encrypted in compliance with the ISO 27001 standards. You have to be logged into the Aloft platform and have access to the same account as the broadcaster.

Are streams viewable outside of Aloft?

No. To view secure and encrypted streams requires users to be logged into the Aloft (formerly Kittyhawk) platform. Streams are not shareable to Youtube, Facebook, or other open link-sharing platforms.

Are the streams recorded?

Streams are not currently stored or recorded.

Can I remove users that are viewing my stream?

No. Permission to view your stream is restricted to only users within your account.

Please contact your account admin if you need to add or remove access.

How do I know when someone is viewing my stream?

The streaming icon will appear along the bottom of the screen with the total number of viewers. On larger displays, user initials are included.

This icon also shows whether your microphone is muted. You will automatically be muted upon starting a flight or when joining a stream.

How does streaming work on Aloft?



How can I fly in Aloft?

Settings and Connecting to your drone with FlightDeck

Step 1: Connect to the controller

From the main Preflight Dashboard, you’ll see the green "Configure" button. Turn on your controller and DJI drone. Once connected, the icon will update and the “Go fly” button will appear.
Tap to go fly.

Step 2: Setting Up Flight Deck

Log Settings

When you connect with Flight Deck, we’ll automatically set your aircraft and battery based on the serial number.

If we haven’t seen that aircraft or battery, we’ll display a popup that will allow you to add a new asset to your account or to link the asset that’s already saved in your account.

If we’ve already linked and recognized the serial number, the aircraft and battery(s) will be automatically set and remove an extra step in your workflow.

Flight Settings

Sending digital notice alerts participating airports and organizations of your flight plan. Especially if you’re a hobbyist, you’ll want to double-check that the airport accepts the digital notice.

Announcing the flight makes it public so that fellow pilots can see your flight and be aware of your airspace and where your drone is in real-time.

Enterprise users can also enable streaming from this screen.

Step 3: Checklist (if you so choose)

We’ve put convenient links for preflight actions so that you can easily log your checklist, risk assessments, authorization, etc., and return right back to Flight Deck and prepare for your flight.

Step 4: Fly

Once your aircraft and battery(s) are connected and you’ve set your notice and airspace settings, it’s time to start those props! "Fly" should now be enabled in the top-right corner.

Troubleshooting Flight Deck and Aircraft connection issues

Having issues connecting flight deck to your aircraft??

Occasionally you may encounter a version of the following issue:

  1. The Aloft (formerly Kittyhawk) App states that it is connected to Aircraft
  2. When you tap flight deck the app prompts you to connect to the aircraft or hit refresh
  3. When you try that, neither option seems to work

If you're encountering this issue, try the following steps:

  1. Please make sure you're on the latest version
  2. Try cycling the aircraft/controller, and/or navigating to different screens on the app, and then back to the dashboard

On Android, the default application setting for this connection may be causing a problem. Please go into your app settings and clear out any default app settings for any applications related to this connection (DJI Go, Go 4, Pilot, etc.)

If you keep having issues, do send us a message at support@aloft.ai When you send a support request, it really helps us locate your problem faster if you provide the following details:

  1. Specific device (iPhone, iPad, etc)
  2. App version
  3. Aircraft firmware version
  4. Aircraft model