Watch this video tutorial to learn more about LAANC and how to apply or read the step by step process below.

Fill out pilot profile.

To obtain a LAANC authorization, add the following information under “Operator Profile” section:

  • Verified phone number
  • Part 107 certification information: Registration Number – Issue Date


Request a LAANC Authorization

You can now request a LAANC authorization directly from the airspace view.
Drop the pin at the desired location and tap on “Get Authorization” to begin the request process.

Note: “Get Authorization” functionality to request LAANC is available only in the areas where LAANC is available.

LAANC Step 1

Select the area of interest and the desired altitude.

  • You can use anchors to alter the shape and size of the area of interest.
  • Move the slider to select the desired altitude.

Note: The green section on the slider indicates the altitude up to which auto-approval is available. Orange section indicates altitudes for which further coordination* will be required.


LAANC Step 2

Select the “Date and Time” and “Duration” for the LAANC request.

  • LAANC can be requested for up to 90 days in advance.


LAANC Step 3

The information for the LAANC request is then checked to determine if the request is eligible for approval.
Not seeing Green? See the sections on “Pre- Check Fail.”

LAANC Step 4

Before the request can be submitted to the FAA, you are required to acknowledge the terms of operation associated with a LAANC authorization.

  • Accept terms of operations
  • Agree and submit

You are all set!

You can view your authorization on the airspace map.
The area of interest of the authorization will also appear as a layer on the airspace.


IMG_0394IMG_0389Pre Check Fails

Certain flights details might be flagged during the flight plan analysis in the step 3.

Some common reasons for Pre-Check fails:

  • Request requiring further coordination should be submitted within 48 hours of the start time of the operation.
  • LAANC authorizations are not available for night operations.
  • There exists a flight restriction in the planned operation area during the designated flight plan.