Looking for a Verizon Skyward Replacement?

We get it. Break ups are hard.

With Verizon’s Skyward shuttering their doors in short order, we’ve heard from a number of people in the commercial drone industry that they are looking for a drone fleet management solution post-haste.

The Aloft Air Control platform is a secure drop-in replacement for the Skyward drone apps and Skyward web platform. We work with teams from 2-2000 and have all the enterprise features you’ve come to expect from a mature web application.

Key Features for Migrating Away from Skyward

  • We can quickly import your existing Skyward data into your Aloft Air Control account so you don’t miss a beat of compliance, and can save yourself hours of work.
  • Our software is trusted across the drone ecosystem to help busy professionals manage groups of people flying fleets of drones across their organization.
  • Our team is ready and waiting to help you easily transition off the Skyward platform and continue your important work using Air Control.

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Aloft Air Control Features:

LAANC Autorizations

LAANC Authorizations are easy and fast on both iOS, Android and web! See why Aloft processes 70% of all LAANC.

Flight Logging

Flight logging is easy from mobile or desktop.

Customizable Checklists, Risk Assessments, and Workflows

Checklists, Risk Assessments, and Workflows are all customizable for your SOP.

Enterprise Security

Full enterprise feature set including SSO/SAML, SOC 2 Type 2, and ISO 27001.


Secure Live Streaming

Secure live streaming from supported platforms.

Account/User Management

Full user permissions, roles, 107 Certification tracking and currency/recency reporting.


Reporting made for busy drone program managers who need signal, not noise.


Tagging, Easy Searching and Sorting

Segment your organization the way you like with tagging, account separation, and easy searching and sorting.