Why FlightDeck is better than DJI Imports

Tired of having to switch between apps or dealing with duplicate flight logs through DJI imports? Try Aloft ( formerly Kittyhawk) FlightDeck!

Some of our customers have reached out with questions regarding importing flights from DJI into Aloft. Occasionally some users have entered their logs manually into Aloft, and subsequently having issues with duplicate logs when they sync using DJI Import.

We highly recommend our pilots to fly using our secure alternative to DJI Go: Aloft Flight Deck

Go Fly view

All-in-one, seamless performance

No more bouncing between apps. Now pilots can securely fly within the Aloft app, with no extra steps to create a beautiful flight log.

Seamless flight logging

Simply fly the aircraft. When you’re done, we’ll log all of flight details to your account automatically. No more syncing with DJI Go and importing.

Real-time operations

Send and receive digital notice and real-time airspace, collaborating with manned and uncrewed aircraft and your fellow pilots in real-time.

Supported drones

DJI Matrice, DJI Inspire 2, DJI Inspire 1, DJI Mavic, DJI Phantom 4 PRO, DJI Phantom 4, DJI Phantom 3 Series, and the Spark

Telemetry detail

Chart the flight path and relive when, where and how you flew. We also add in cool stats around maximum height, distance and speed detail.

Battery detail

Learn from past flights and optimize future flights with stats around battery percentage at landing and detailed voltage.

Introducing Flight Deck

Fundamentally changing drone operations

What is Flight Deck?

Flight Deck is Aloft (formerly Kittyhawk)’s new real-time platform for drone pilots and commercial drone teams. Flight Deck brings in-flight controls of your DJI aircraft (and soon other major drone manufacturers :) into the Kittyhawk app. Aloft links the drone to live airspace and coordinates with headquarters in real-time.


Great for Pilots

Pilots in the field can now rely confidently on a single application. Flight Deck brings the power of DJI Go into Aloft. Combined with our excellence in preflight weather, airspace awareness, checklist, and flight logs, drone operators can complete every step of their workflow from Aloft.

Airspace is dynamic with real-time alerts. Logging is automated and detailed to the second. Media is secure and easily uploaded to the Aloft Cloud.

Essential for Teams

The days of wondering what your team is up to are over. The days of relying on old log reports are obsolete. Flight Deck brings real-time visibility into your team's operations.

View when/where/how your team is flying. Track and coordinate in real-time as operations unfold, creating the ultimate culture of safety.

How can I fly in Aloft?

Settings and Connecting to your drone with FlightDeck

Step 1: Connect to the controller

From the main Preflight Dashboard, you’ll see the green "Configure" button. Turn on your controller and DJI drone. Once connected, the icon will update and the “Go fly” button will appear.
Tap to go fly.

Step 2: Setting Up Flight Deck

Log Settings

When you connect with Flight Deck, we’ll automatically set your aircraft and battery based on the serial number.

If we haven’t seen that aircraft or battery, we’ll display a popup that will allow you to add a new asset to your account or to link the asset that’s already saved in your account.

If we’ve already linked and recognized the serial number, the aircraft and battery(s) will be automatically set and remove an extra step in your workflow.

Flight Settings

Sending digital notice alerts participating airports and organizations of your flight plan. Especially if you’re a hobbyist, you’ll want to double-check that the airport accepts the digital notice.

Announcing the flight makes it public so that fellow pilots can see your flight and be aware of your airspace and where your drone is in real-time.

Enterprise users can also enable streaming from this screen.

Step 3: Checklist (if you so choose)

We’ve put convenient links for preflight actions so that you can easily log your checklist, risk assessments, authorization, etc., and return right back to Flight Deck and prepare for your flight.

Step 4: Fly

Once your aircraft and battery(s) are connected and you’ve set your notice and airspace settings, it’s time to start those props! "Fly" should now be enabled in the top-right corner.

Logging telemetry with FlightDeck

Don't worry about it - its automatically logged for you

When we started Aloft (formerly Kittyhawk), the only action you could take was to manually enter a flight log. Today, all you do is fly and log simply happens. Bonus is the live airspace alerts and real-time collaboration with Flight Deck, but let’s face it, there’s nothing sexier than rich, detailed flight log. We’ve added a ton of new telemetry charts and data, with second-by-second detail and wanted to highlight what’s possible with Flight Deck logs and telemetry. Below are some screenshots and a video of Aloft telemetry.






















Battery Health & Aircraft Stats

New Data Features from Aloft FlightDeck

Our vision with Flight Deck, and Aloft (formerly Kittyhawk) in general, is to make drone operations and your data as real-time and automated as possible.

With the launch of Flight Deck, we introduced automating flight logging. Now, all you do is fly, and the log simply happens. It happens in real-time with you and your team. It happens in real-time with the airspace and aircraft around you. It also happens with second-by-second detail of your flight performance.

With the latest edition of Flight Deck, we’re translating those awesome, detailed logs into broader intelligence into your assets. You can now see the lifetime performance of your aircraft and the health of your batteries.

We’ve already blogged how this has helped pilots find their lost drones by looking at the last logged coordinates, and we’ve heard some amazing feedback on how people are managing their batteries and maintaining their aircraft with more actionable intelligence into the health of their fleet.

Battery Health & Aircraft Stats


Battery Health & Aircraft Stats


Battery Health & Aircraft Stats


Battery Health & Aircraft Stats


All you need to do is plug in and fly. We take care of the rest, creating super-accurate logs with detailed fleet intelligence to help you fly smarter and safer each time you start the props.

Calibrating your DJI's compass

Read this if you're looking to calibrate your DJI compass

Some customers have asked us if it's possible to calibrate their DJI through Aloft (formerly Kittyhawk).

Unfortunately at this time, we do not support this feature.

You can calibrate your DJI drone using the DJI app. Once you complete that, you'll be able to fly using Aloft Flight Deck.