Aloft Air Control Update v1.8: Release of Missions and Automated Flights Changes

Watch this video to learn more about the release of missions and automated flights changes in update v1.8 of Aloft Air Control.
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Adding Assets to Kittyhawk (DJI Aircraft and Batteries)

Adding Assets to Aloft (DJI Aircraft and Batteries)

A brief video tutorial on how to easily add aircraft and batteries as assets to the Aloft (formerly Kittyhawk) platform.

Kittyhawk LAANC 2.0 for Android

Aloft LAANC 2.0 for Android

Kittyhawk LAANC 2.0 for Web

Aloft LAANC 2.0 for Web

Streaming with Kittyhawk

Streaming with Aloft

Kittyhawk LAANC 2.0 for iOS

Aloft LAANC 2.0 for iOS

iOS LAANC Tutorial From Kittyhawk

iOS LAANC Tutorial From Aloft