We are excited to introduce Aloft’s Air Control training video series. These seven short tutorial videos aim to help users learn all the functionality of the Aloft Air Control platform in sections.
Here is a brief description of each video in the series in order as they appear.

Click on the video cover image below to watch any of the seven videos in the series.

This video gives an introduction to Air Control and the functionality of the platform for drone pilot and fleet management.

This video explains how to take advantage of the management tools on Aloft Air Control’s web dashboard.

This video shows how to use the admin tools for managing users, roles, and workflows.

This video explains how to create missions on the web dashboard of Air Control.

This video explains how to create missions from the Air Control mobile app.

This video explains how to use filters, tags, and exports to organize and break down your enterprise drone program’s data for insights into the operations.

This video explains how to use Air Control’s reporting tools to analyze your enterprise drone program’s data.

View all the videos in the Aloft Air Control Tutorial playlist here.

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