How do I add documents?

There are multiple locations where we can add documents:

We can do so from the web by going to Media > Documents > Add Document (top right) which will attach it to the account.

We can also upload documents directly to a mission, under Planning > Missions > choose a mission > and next to Documents, you’ll see a green plus to attach a document you’ve already uploaded, or you press the blue Upload button.

In an Enterprise account, these can then be assigned to specific users under Account > People > Assign. Depending on their permission level, we can compartmentalize the documents within the account this way, as pilots only need to have access to data that pertains to their operations. Documents can be made available account-wide, to specific users, or only to specific missions.

Documents are uploaded to the Aloft (formerly Kittyhawk) Cloud and available to operators in the field. SOPs, HSE, COAs, emergency procedures, etc. can all be added and available to the users within your account.