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Part 107 Certification

Track your pilots’ Part 107 certifications in their profiles, to ensure their licensing requirements are up-to-date before every flight.

Flight Logs

Lock in compliance with flight logs that record every mission from pilot certification to telemetry.


Obtain and record FAA authorizations like LAANC to demonstrate compliance with airspace restrictions.


Access analytics and reports to instantly assess the safety and compliance of individual operations, operators and the entire fleet.

Solve for Compliance to Focus More on Safety

The financial cost of non-compliance is often three times the cost of compliance. Automating compliance frees up more time and energy for essential safety practices and flight operations.

Our compliance tools enable you to provide reports and documentation as part of the following:

  • Audits
  • Legal action
  • Incident reviews
  • Regulatory monitoring
  • Process analysis

If it’s about your UAS operations, we can track it for you.

“We use Aloft as a forcing function for compliance. The mobile applications ensure our pilots fly compliantly according to FAA guidelines. The reporting tools give us the analytics and data we need to understand what’s happening across the entire fleet. With Aloft, it’s one centralized system of record and management that has compliance built right in.”

- Customer TBD

Head of Policy, Aviation


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